Neapolitan Violin Making Anema e corde

ANEMA E CORDE was born from the union of four expert Liutai Masters in the design, construction and restoration of stringed musical instruments such as Violin, Viola, Cello, Mandolin, Mandola, Mandoloncello, Lute Cantabile and Classical guitar, acoustic and electric.
Following in full the creative spirit of Campania craftsmanship, the ANEMA E CORDE violinmaking aims at spreading the traditional Neapolitan Luthier School, but at the same time introducing the classic models of personal and original elements. The foundation of this violin-making has always been the rigorous construction of its instruments, entirely and entirely by hand, by each Master Liutaio of Anema and Corde, which impresses personal taste, technique and spirit, in each of their individual and individual building tools. This makes it possible for every instrument of Anema and Corde violin making to be considered a true work of art as it is unique and author, in opposition to the ever increasing number of impersonal or serial instruments. The exclusive use of resonance and seasoned wood naturally many years, the best construction techniques and paints, the careful study of the sound quality of the instruments, make ANEMA E CORDE an innovative and important research laboratory on violin art in the panorama international craft.

From 1999

The Violin Making Anema e Corde is involved in the design, construction and restoration of string and string musical instruments such as violins, violas, cellos, mandolins, mandolas, mandoloncelli and guitars. Following the creative spirit of Campano craftsmanship, the “Liuteria Anema e Corde” spreads the traditional Neapolitan luthier school, adding personal and original elements as well.

Mandolin restoration

Anema e Corde

The fundamental principle of “Liuteria Anema e Corde” is the rigorous construction of its instruments, made entirely by hand. Each Master Luthier impresses his personal taste and spirit upon each of his instruments, respecting the techniques of traditional luthiery. Each instrument is a unique work of art, in opposition to ever-increasing serial production.


The restoration intervention of the Masters of Anema and Corde Violin Making on a musical instrument is a delicate technique studied at very high levels. In addition to reassembling the image, its main purpose is the restitution and resistance over time of the “voice” of the instrument, which is its essence. For this reason, in the field of music, operations that are hindered or criticized in other restoration sectors (such as reinstatements or substitutions) are instead necessary, still in full technical and philological respect for the history and structure of the instrument.


The instruments of Anema and Corde Violin Making are all rigorously handmade by each Master violin maker, following the techniques of traditional violin making, with the exclusive use of organic adhesives and natural resins that allow the wood to breathe and vibrate according to their natural inclination and through a long and careful selection of the most seasoned and sonorous woods and the most transparent paints that best enhance the sound and the beauty of the chosen wood.