Liuteria Anema e corde

The “Anema e Corde” Luthiery was born in 1999 from the idea of Master Luthiers who are experts in design, construction, and restoration of bowed and string musical instruments, such as violins, violas, cellos, mandolins, mandolas, mandoloncellos, and guitars. Following the creative spirit of the Campania Region’s craftsmanship, “Liuteria Anema e Corde” has disseminated the Neapolitan luthiery tradition, and also added personal and original elements to its instruments.

Since 1999

The fundamental principle of “Liuteria Anema e Corde” is the rigorous construction of its instruments, made entirely by hand. Each Master Luthier impresses his personal taste and spirit upon each of his instruments, respecting the techniques of traditional luthiery. Each instrument is a unique work of art, in opposition to ever-increasing serial production.

Anema e Corde

Another key feature is the use of hand-made decorations, with resins, essences, and natural pigments combined in the right proportions, which do not hinder the natural vibration of wood and thus allow it to ‘breathe’ according to its inclination. Decorations are made with certified materials such as mother-of-pearl, tortoise shell, exotic wood, ivory, silver, gold, and coral and they are entirely inlaid by hand, to guarantee a continuous improvement of the acoustic and aesthetic qualities of our instruments.